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Why Hotel Booking Online? Because .... Fast, convenient, easy, safe

Save time: no need to run from agency to agency.House sit at the computer and see exactly what you want.

A wide choice of hotel, large global online systems have a contract with the 10 thousand hotels around the world (cities and vacation destinations).

Saving money: online through the day to make thousands of reservations - hence their purchasing power is very high and negotiating position at very good prices.

Simple booking system: The hotel can choose the name, price, category, location - you can see it on the map, to comfort, people comment that there were, but ...

Simple booking vegetables: In a very short period of time after booking you will receive a confirmation email and additional information about the hotel.

Free Booking: The online system will not charge an additional fee for hotel accommodation.

After ordering at a few tips for before the trip

Helpful tips before you book a hotel - your health and safety

How to protect your health while traveling?
- If you are allergic to certain foods, learn the names of those products in the languages ​​used in the country you are visiting. This will help to avoid such products.
- Find out which diseases are prevalent in the area you are visiting, and take preventive measures in the event of exposure to a particular disease.
- Find out which vaccinations are required for entry into the country, it is likely that you will have to take the medicine before, during and after visits. To vaccinate earlier if you have a reaction to them and need some time to recover.
- Think about going to the dentist if you have not been lately.
- Keep in mind that you eat and drink.
- To bear all the medical records on the way.

I booked the hotel, what else do I need to know before you travel?

What medical records should I keep in a hotel, if it is necessary?

- Complete with carry their personal medical history. Your doctor can give you help. It should contain:
- Name and address of your insurance.
- Travel insurance and contact information.
- Contact person in case of emergency.
- Your blood type.
- A copy of the prescription for glasses.
- List of medications you are currently taking the generic name, the original names can vary in foreign countries.
- A list of allergies, including all known allergies to food and medicine.
- List of vaccines, with dates.


Do I need travel insurance?

- Check with your insurance agent if your insurance covers and possible cases outside the country.
- Even if you fall, you can count on some bills to pay in cash, and then make it your insurance. Make sure you get a full understanding of the details and, if possible, that he was in English.
- If you do not have insurance, which goes out of the country, you may want to consider travel insurance to make payments, which will be applied there.
- Carefully read the insurance policy, and to draw attention to deviations, exceptions or exemptions for conditions, activities or areas of disease in the world.
- You need to check whether the insurance covers medical evacuation expenses, especially if you are planning to travel to areas of the world that you will not be able to provide medical care you need.
- When you book a hotel if you are planning a trip several months in advance, you should know that many things can happen in this period, which is why you may have to cancel the trip, and maybe even lose the deposit, if necessary .
- Suspension travel is often out of your control that may cause you to miss an entire or part-time.
- Make sure that your policy covers the delay and what you can in this case to cancel the trip.


How can I stay safe while traveling hotel reservations online?

- A small overview of the specific risks you may encounter.
- Find out the local laws and obey them.
- For clothes usually try to match.
- Be careful when choosing hotels and carriers.
- If you do not leave your valuables at home, leave them in the hotel safe.
- Do not attract attention to yourself, do not wear valuable jewelry and do not show large amounts of cash. Carry only what you need that day, and the rest in the hotel safe.
- Do not travel alone.
- Be careful when trying to explain their travel plans with strangers.
- Stick to the main roads and avoid shortcuts way through the narrow lanes and / or poorly lit streets.
- Always observe what is happening around you.
- Always use a taxi, guided tours and other transportation services with official markings. Selection of the car was included in the official stations and bus stops.
- Never accept gifts or packages from unknown sources.
- Any "Special Offer" Access with caution, especially if you have to get some special ways.
- Take steps to protect your money and avoid other people's pockets.


How to avoid becoming a victim of pickpocketing?

- Do not go narrow and unlit streets.
- When possible, avoid large crowds around you.
- Carry a fake wallet and money invested in the front pocket.
- Put a rubber band around the wallet, it will complicate his theft from his own pocket.
- Carry a purse under his arm.
- Money is worn under clothing.
- Learn how pickpockets work.


Some tricks of pickpockets:

- There are a number of situations that pickpockets use to create the conditions that will make it easier for your money. Be especially careful with money, when you find yourself in the following situations:
- When someone bumps into you.
- When someone spilled something on you or warn you spot on your clothes.
- When someone comes to you and asks for help or asking directions.
- When someone creates confusion, which attracts attention.
- When you are surrounded by people, especially if you are surrounded by a group of children.


Tips for holiday if traveling by air

Here are some tips if you are on vacation decide to travel by plane. Under the checked baggage is considered one traveler teaches at the flight desk and transported in the cargo of the plane. Be sure to remove the batteries from electronic devices, appliances, cameras, etc. from checked baggage and place them in your hand luggage. Hand luggage, which means that the passenger takes with him in the passenger cabin of the aircraft. Carrier determines how much weight to what extent and can be hand luggage which the traveler can enter the plane.

Hand luggage will be allowed in the cabin:
- Toys in the form of weapons and replica weapons
- Knives of any length and in any material (including metal nail files)
- Scissors of any size
- Spokes
- Razor blades (double sided inserts) for electric shavers
- Darts
- Knives, knife letter
- Metal cutlery
- Corkscrew
- Sport of baseball, golf, etc. bats
- Marine tool that can be used as an effective weapon
- Any other object that can be used to cause injury
but their transport is permitted in luggage, so pack them in the baggage carried in the cargo of the plane.


Book cheap plane ticket on time

Flights have a limited duration, which means that the period in which the use of their flights can travel to the desired destination. The rule is that the cheapest tickets in the last month danam but if you are a student, please note that all student tickets are valid for one year.

All ticket prices are in euros, and the card must be paid in dinars in the amount determined by each airline. Tickets can be purchased within the deadlines set by the airline carrier, and on the conditions you tell your agent.

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